What I offer help with, clinical supervision and emergencies

This may be your first meeting with a psychotherapist and you might feel anxious, but sessions are relaxed. Don’t forget, therapy is to find support, understanding and to make changes.

The first session (assessment) is for you to tell me about you to help me decide if I can help. I usually offer therapy, but I can't make a decision until we have met. Assessment therefore, is not necessarily an offer of therapy.

This meeting is for you to find out about therapy so you can decide. You won't be asked to make a decision (if therapy is offered) unless you are sure. I will give you reasonable time to decide if you need it.

If we begin working together, I usually offer initially 6 sessions (e.g. weekly/fortnightly. Sessions last up to 1 hour). The 6th session is a review where we evaluate progress. This does not mean we end. If we decide to continue, we plan another course of sessions and review. Reviews help evaluate progress and maintain focus.

Please see the documents on my home page, especially on Confidentiality and GDPR

I look forward to meeting you and hope I can be of help. Please let me know if you have any further questions.